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News And Commentary – Ethan Hawke Talks New Hollywood

The spring issue of Cineaste features an insightful interview with Ethan Hawke, who has some interesting things to say about the New Hollywood, how he made career decisions “based on a 1970s ascetic,” and that he and his contemporaries, like the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, were “chasing the old-school definition of a New York actor—meaning the actor-artist.  Not the actor-movie star.”

News And Commentary – Alice’s Restaurant

Alice’s Restaurant is out this week on DVD and Blu-Ray (Olive Films).  Arthur Penn’s 1969 film, inspired by the Arlo Guthrie song/shaggy dog story (and starring the young singer), is a sympathetic but cautionary ode to the counter-culture.  Made in the midst of Penn’s most fertile period as a director—after Mickey One and Bonnie and Clyde and before Little Big Man and Night MovesAlice does not stand in the first rank of his best work, but it is a thoughtful and serious film.